The Wat Opot Children's Fund

Gail Gutradt

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What is the Wat Opot Children's Fund?

Mission statement

The Wat Opot Children’s Community is a non-sectarian community dedicated to caring for people affected by HIV/AIDS in Takeo Province, Cambodia. It provides home, community, food, medical care, education, and training that will help integrate people living with AIDS into their society. Most important, it provides love and hope to both people with AIDS and to healthy children who have been orphaned by AIDS. At Wat Opot, residents and volunteers, whether infected or not, live together as family, providing a model for the larger society. It is the intention of the Wat Opot Children’s Fund to support the mission of the Wat Opot Children’s Community in whatever way seems appropriate, through fundraising, special projects, volunteering in country, or worldwide education about the microcosm of Wat Opot and how it reflects the larger issues of people living with AIDS.

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