Health and Education Coordinator


The Wat Opot Children’s Community

The Wat Opot Children’s Community is a family center in Takeo Province, Cambodia. The people who live there have come because AIDS has in some way made them unable to care for themselves. Some are orphaned by AIDS, some are HIV+, some are adults with AIDS who, thanks to the recent availability of AIDS medications in Cambodia, are learning to live again.

The availability of AIDS medications has worked miraculous transformations in the Wat Opot community. The adults are now usually able to work, and the children are suddenly more focused on schooling and preparing for their professional future. Wat Opot, once a hospice for AIDS patients who had reached the end of their road, has become the dynamic home of about a hundred people.

As one might imagine, any growing community of children and adults faces a certain number of challenges. In order to help deal with some of these, a new position, Health and Education Coordinator, has been created.

Health and Education Coordinator

sa_chai2The woman currently holding this position, NOV Srey Aun, is Khmer, but fluent in English. She teaches and tutors the children, holds regular meetings with local school directors to help keep the children on track academically, and motivates the children to participate in activities like gardening and composting. She helps organize outings for the children, and will be working on future projects like vocational training and professional internships with local businesses. She also assists the founder and director of Wat Opot, Wayne Dale Matthysse, in addressing a certain number of small but important issues as the center continues to grow.

Wat Opot is not supported by large NGOs, but by individual donors. This message is to request your help in funding the position of Health & Education coordinator. This position is not included in Wat Opot’s regular monthly budget, and additional funding is necessary so that we can ensure Srey Aun’s continued presence at the center.

If you are willing to help, you may do so through the website of the Wat Opot Children’s Fund (, an American 501c3 organization that has been set up exclusively to support the Wat Opot Children’s Community. Any donation to Wat Opot made through the fund is tax-deductible on your annual U.S. tax return.

It is also important to note that any money donated to Wat Opot is used for the direct improvement of the children’s lives. There are no hidden administrative costs or expenses. The Wat Opot Children’s Community is truly a “good” place, and it is my privilege to be a part of it at this moment.

Thank you for reading, and please do not hesitate to forward this message to any who might be interested in the work being done at Wat Opot.

Bonnie Woolley, for The Wat Opot Children’s Fund, supporting the Wat Opot Children’s Community,